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Camping Stove Accessories

A wide range of camping stove accessories and tools that can be used for your MSR or SOTO camping stoves. We have a collection of replacement fuel bottles, bottle caps and pumps, igniters, gas canisters, heat reflectors and windscreens, canister stands and service kits to keep your gear in proper working order. We should have you covered for all your adventures, whether you're mountaineering, backpacking, the hills or at a festival!

Shop for camping stove accessories from leading brands including MSR and SOTO from our collection below...

    MSR Fuel Bottles from £18.70 £22.00

    MSR Strike Igniter £16.95 £21.00
    SOTO Navi Duo Handle £15.30 £17.00
    SOTO Fuel Bottles from £15.95 £17.95
    SOTO Fill Adaptor £7.95 £8.95