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DMM is a British climbing gear designer and manufacturer, based in Llanberis, North Wales UK. They are arguably the world's leading brand in metallic climbing hardware. We stock a wide range of DMM climbing gear, check out our collection below or read more about the brand via our Full Brand Profile
DMM Renegade 2 Harness £63.75 £75.00
17 reviews
DMM Mithril Harness £59.50 £70.00
8 reviews
1 review
DMM Trance Harness £55.25 £65.00
3 reviews
3 reviews
DMM Viper Harness £50.95 £60.00
1 review
DMM Vixen Womens Harness £50.95 £60.00
DMM Puma Womens Harness £63.75 £75.00