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E9 was born in 1998 by Mauro Calibani, former boulder world champion who was often lost inside himself and the forests of Meschia. Designed and Manufactured in Italy with a 0 Km business plan which supports local producers and the clothing features organic cotton and linen. E9 Produce lots of very comfortable and stylish software as well as climbing accessories.
E9 Brush £6.30 £7.00
E9 Goccia Chalk Bag £7.50 £18.00
E9 Move One T-Shirt £9.95 £35.00
E9 Osso Chalk Bag £7.95 £16.00
E9 Stripe 9 T-Shirt £16.95 £35.00
E9 Strong Hero Chalk from £9.00 £15.00
E9 Woodbrush Sold Out
E9 Zucca Chalk Bag £8.95 £18.00