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Vegan Climbing Shoes

Vegan climbing shoes need to be made from synthetic materials and the glues and dyes need to be vegan friendly. It is knowing about the dyes and glues that is the tricky part, as it is not always clear on the shoes or the packing that they are truly vegan.

We have taken all known information to provide you with a range of confirmed vegan-friendly climbing shoes.

Shop for vegan climbing shoes from leading brands including EB and Evolv from our collection below...

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Scarpa Furia Air £113.95 £140.00
3 reviews
Scarpa Vapour Lace £103.50 £130.00
Scarpa Veloce Womens £88.95 £115.00
Scarpa Velocity V Womens £73.95 £85.00
Scarpa Booster £113.25 £145.00
1 review
EB Black Opium £79.95 £100.00
1 review
EB Nebula £83.95 £115.00
EB Sentinel £95.95 £120.00