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Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z

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Size Guide
Black Diamond Poles Size Chart

Black Diamond Z Pole Sizing


Height Range Height Range Suggested Z Pole Length
<5 ft="" 1="" td=""> <154 cm="" td=""> 100 cm
5 ft 1 - 5 ft 7 154 - 171 cm 110 cm
5 ft 8 - 5 ft 11 172 - 182 cm 120 cm
6 ft + 183 + cm 130 cm


For Walking, hiking and backpacking: Stability and support matter most. Size up if you're right on a size cusp.

For Running: Uphill propulsion matters most. Size down if you're right on a size cusp.

Length Options

Black Diamond's lightest Z-Pole ideal for fast and light endeavours and endurance running events, the Distance Carbon is the ultimate in folding-pole technology.

Black Diamond’s Distance Carbon Z features 100% carbon construction, weighs a paltry 280g and features a three-section foldable design that allows for fast-response deployment, so you’ll never waist time fiddling with your walking poles. Non-scarring rubber Tech Tips and a lightweight, EVA foam grip round out this pole as a lightweight detail-driven pillar in pole tech.


Lightweight, EVA foam grip with breathable, moisture-wicking grip
Non-slip EVA foam mini-grip extension
Three-section foldable design with speed-cone deployment
100% carbon fiber construction
Interchangeable, non-scarring rubber Tech Tips and carbide Tech Tips
Stopper basket with shaft catcher to secure folded sections

Z-Pole Rapid Deployment System

  • Concealed inner cord
  • Single push-button release to collapse the pole
  • One-pull, Speed Cone deployment

Speed Cone technology comes from BDS expertise in avalanche probe design—a key component of Z-Poles' stiffness and fast deployment. Simply grab the grip and the first shaft section, and pull them away from each other. The pole will snap into place and lock. Each Speed Cone guides a shaft section into place, and stiffens the joint when the pole is locked. Protective, flexible tube ends cover the pole’s Kevlar® centre cord when folded.


  • Manufacturer: Black Diamond
  • Trekking Pole Baskets: Trekking
  • Trekking Pole Collapsed Length: 95-110 cm - 34 cm | 105-125cm - 37cm | 120-140cm - 40cm
  • Trekking Pole Full Length: 95-110 cm | 105-125cm | 120-140cm
  • Weight: 95-110cm - 345g | 105-125cm - 355g | 120-140cm - 365g

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Alan W.

Very happy

A very quick delivery. The Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z poles are my first set and have to say they are very good for running the mountains. The Petzl Nao+ is a serious head torch. With dark morning and evening for training where i live, a good head torch is very important and the Petzl Nao+ is brilliant

Michael H.
United Kingdom

Great service from R&R

Wrong item sent initially, but error very quickly remedied by R&R - many thanks! Poles used in anger at the GL3D - excellent purchase. Very light and stable.

Jonathan M.
United Kingdom

Light and compact

They are light to use and compact for stowing. I'm not sure how well they would stand up to being sat on sideways - I only use them for day walking, where the loss of one would not be critical. I have wound some Velcro lower down on the handle segment to give grip when traversing on steep slopes.


On a recent cold, winter,

On a recent cold, winter, walk I disassembled these poles in a few seconds while on the move and wearing gloves. I stowed them on my belt (but see below), completed a graded scramble, then reassembled them on the move at the top. Anyone who has suffered with conventional poles will appreciate just how comparatively convenient (and safe) this process was. I've reached an age when I rely quite heavily on poles and the extreme lightness of these makes them seem flimsy at first compared to more conventional equipment. However, they earn more and more confidence each time out. Apparently the strength of the material can be seriously affected by chips or deep scratches so I'm being very careful on fragmented rock, but haven't yet had time to see just how vulnerable they are in this respect. The main gripe about these poles is the basket, which effectively is little more than a clip to keep the sections together when collapsed. It's not very good at that either and without more bindings the poles are very loose and floppy when hung by the straps on a spring link carabiner. The velcro strap provided cures this but is easily misplaced and fiddly with gloves on. I eventually found a mesh bag which holds the sections together nicely and gives a little protection from accidental scratches while scrambling. Even moderate weight on the pole on soft ground (or neve) pushes it down some way and normal froward movement then tends to bend the pole a little and it takes a conscious effort to recover it. Even when not under load it's easy to put the tiny basket down between rocks and risk damaging the shaft again. I would happily carry a few more grams to correct this shortcoming and may well try modifications to fit another manufacturer's replacements if it continues to irritate me. Unlike the majority of walkers I do use handle straps all the time, they allow taking substantial support from the pole without needing the grip of an Olympic weight lifter. (NB when used as intended the hand is inserted UPWARDS through the loop before turning to the horizontal and holding the handle, with the narrow sections of the strap actually passing between the hand and the handle). Like the poles themselves the straps appear flimsy at first sight but are easily strong enough in use. Unlike some other poles I've had they are replaceable anyway if they do wear, or removable if you hate them. Unusually also, they are very easily adjustable, even with gloves on. This can be important for comfortable fitting as conditions change - bare hands, thin gloves, thick gloves etc. as the hands are far more exposed to the weather when using poles. Only very recently I've noticed that the straps are marked R and L though I've used them randomly so far and see no real reason to change now.


Its fantastic - folds down

Its fantastic - folds down perfectly and is super light.


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