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Black Diamond Hot Forged Natural Ice+ Pick


The Black Diamond Hot Forged Natural Ice+ Pick is an open angled ice pick with a low-volume tip geometry that makes it a pure ice machine.

With a hot-forged construction for improved durability, the Black Diamond Hot Forged Natural Ice+ Pick hasa lower volume tip built to improve penetration and pick placement, and a two-degree-shallower pick angle than the standard Natural Ice Pick. This will enable an intuitive ice penetrating swing on even BD's most aggressive tools.


  • Updated low-volume tip geometry for improved penetration and optimised pick angle
  • Hot-forged for greater durability
  • Built for pure ice for those that like a more open pick angle even on aggressive tools
  • Fits on all current interchangeable-pick ice tools


  • Pick: Chromoly steel
  • Details: CEN-B certified
  • 94g