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DMM Halfnut 1-7 Set

Size: 1-7 (Set)

The DMM Halfnut is a single wire lightweight nuts excel in shallow placements, pin scars and situations where every gram counts.

Featuring an alloy mix that is tailored to each size, the smaller sized DMM halfnuts are able to prevent shearing, whilst the larger sized pieces are able to perform a greater bite. They can be placed in two different orientations, allowing a single nut to cover a range of cracks, and excess weight has been reduced by a hollow construction and grooved face, which also allows for better seating when placed.

The colour coding helps you find the right sized gear for the job, and this coincides with the Wild Country Rocks, to help avoid confusion if you use both. A 1-7 set of these nuts are 38% lighter than the equivalent Wallnut set. Perfect for fast and light approaches when weight really matters.


Number Colour Depth x Long Edge (mm) Strength (kN) Weight (g)
1 Purple
6.7 x 7.2 4
2 Green

8.2 x 7.9
3 Silver

9.4 x 8.9
4 Gold

11.0 x 9.9
6 16
5 Blue

13.2 x 11.3
6 18
6 Red

15.6 x 12.8
6 21
7 Grey

18.9 x 14.3
6 22



  • Single stem design
  • 38% Lighter than Wallnut 1-7 set
  • DMMs accurate heat treatment processes on specifically chosen alloys maximises bite
  • Perfect for fast and light approaches

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