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Grivel Air Tech Hybrid EVO Crampons

Option: Dual-Matic

The Grivel Air Tech Hybrid EVO crampons take on the same characteristics of the standard Air Tech EVO, in that they are best suited to walking and easier climbs. The difference lies in the use of an alloy back section which helps to keep the overall weight down.

Whilst the back alloy section will wear quicker than the front steel section, on the whole, the back section of the crampon usually takes less punishment from rocks and the like. So for most users this shouldn't be an issue. The main benefit of using the alloy is a noticeable reduction in weight compared to the standard model.

Other than that the actual crampon is very similar. There are shorter spikes with less aggressive secondary points. This means that whilst not as good as say a regular 12 point crampon on steeper harder climbing, you have gained a lot of stability when walking on a lighter weight crampon.

The webbing and bindings on the Air Tech Hybrid EVO have been improved over the previous generations of Grivel crampons, as they now use 12mm webbing compared to 14mm. The buckle has been improved and is now easier to tighten and loosen, the extra webbing now fastens in towards the boot and wraps around the front of the ankle and can be tucked into the back. The step-in bindings have also been improved and simplified and is now lighter, stronger and easier to adjust.

The Grivel Air Tech Hybrid EVO are best seen as a light and fast crampon, great for long days over generally easier terrain, but where you need more than a walking crampon.

Binding Options


    • Semi step-in bindings with front cradle and heel lever-lock, for semi-rigid boots with a heel notch. Suitable for B2 and B3 Boots.


      • Semi or full step-in bindings depending on adjustable configuration, for semi-rigid and rigid boots with a heel notch. Suitable for B2 and B3 Boots.

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        • Tools Required: No
        • Antiball Plates: Yes
        • Boot Size: 35-46
        • Number of Points: 12
        • Materials: Steel and aluminium alloy
        • Weight: g

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