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Grivel G14 EVO Crampons

Option: New-Matic

The Grivel G14 EVO crampons are a technical mountaineering crampon that are best suited for technical ice and mixed climbs.

Featuring removable front points that can be replaced when worn down, or adjusted between a mono and dual point set up. The G14 EVO is a true climbing crampon. Mono points work best for dedicated ice and mixed routes, where you need to be super accurate or require the ability to adjust on holds. The 2 point set-up is still available for more general mountaineering and climbing, where that stability and bite is still required.

These crampons are rigid so provide as much support as possible on steep terrain and work best with a fully stiffened boot. The walk in might not be as easy, but it will make steep climbing easier for sure.

The webbing and bindings on the G14 EVO have been improved over the previous generation now using 12mm webbing compared to 14mm. The buckle has been improved and is now easier to tighten and loosen, the extra webbing now fastens in towards the boot and wraps around the front of the ankle and can be tucked into the back. The step-in bindings have also been improved and simplified with a clip in height adjuster rather than the old dial. These step-in bindings are now lighter, stronger and easier to adjust.

The Grivel G14 EVO makes for a great choice in the world of technical climbing crampons, and provides Grivel fans that step up from their general mountaineering crampons.

Binding Options


    • Semi step-in bindings with front cradle and heel lever-lock, for semi-rigid boots with a heel notch. Suitable for B2 and B3 Boots.


    • Full step-in bindings with front bail and heel lever-lock, for rigid boots with a heel notch. Suitable for B3 Boots.

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      • Tools Required: No
      • Antiball Plates: Yes
      • Boot Size: 36-47
      • Number of Points: 13 or 14
      • Materials: Steel
      • Weight: 1116g

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