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Grivel Plume Evo Quickdraw Packs

Size: 10cm

The Grivel Plume Evo Quickdraw Pack is a very lightweight set of 6 draws for alpine and trad climbing where every ounce counts. 

Made up of a sleek Alpine sling with two Plume wiregate carabiners with Grivel's innovative EVO Wire anti-snag system, the Plume Evo draw is perfect for fast and light climbing missions. Easy to handle and clip, the Plume evo is available in two sizes and should tick every box for trad climbing or alpine outings.


  • EVO WIRE anti-snag system
  • Available in 10 or 16cm lengths


  • BetastickEvo Compatible: Yes
  • Gate Clearance mm: 22
  • Gate Closed kN: 20
  • Gate Open kN: 7
  • Krab Minor Axis kN: 7
  • Keylock: Yes
  • Sling Length mm: 100 / 160
  • Materials/construction/technologies: dyneema, polyester, aluminum
  • Certifications: CE EN 566, UIAA 104/CE EN 12275 - class B, UIAA 121
  • Weight: 71g (2,5 oz)

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