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Camping Water Filters

Camping water filters can be an essential part of your survival kit if you are camping, backpacking or hiking remotely and living off fresh water supplies. Although water might look fresh it can often contain disease causing pathogens and bacteria, which can make you quite poorly. There are portable water filters, purifiers and treatment methods that can remove most contaminants from water obtained from rivers, streams, lakes etc, whilst on the move, making the water far safer to drink.

We stock a variety of water filtration systems and purifiers that range in size, weight and price, to suit all your outdoor adventures. Whether you are going fast and light and need a pocket sized filter for the hike, or require an advanced purifier for more extended camping expeditions, check out our collection below and don't hesitate to call a member of our team if you need any further information on any of the products in the range.

Shop for camping water filters from leading brands including MSR from our collection below...