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In Store Purchase By Appointment

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Tents are used as shelter to provide protection from the weather when camping or sleeping in the outdoors. The tents in our collection below are predominantly mountaineering tents or high end performance shelters, designed to offer exceptional levels of protection and to be effective in the harshest mountain conditions, ideal for expeditions or alpine adventures.

Shop for tents from leading brands including MSR from our collection below...

    MSR Elixir 2 £289.00 £340.00

    MSR Elixir 1 £229.50 £270.00

    MSR Hubba Hubba NX £459.00 £540.00
    MSR Elixir 4 £467.50 £550.00
    MSR Mutha Hubba NX £569.50 £670.00

    MSR Hubba NX £416.50 £490.00

    MSR Elixir 3 £357.00 £420.00