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Metolius Rock Rings

Colour: Black

The Metolius Rock Rings are portable, hanging climbing training equipment, great for finger, core and general upper body workouts. 

Great for use alongside a fingerboard, the Rock Rings provide a proper workout as the holds are good enough to allow you to focus more on training the upper body rather than just the fingers. You will still get more specific rock climbing training than if you were to use gymnast rings however and the find grained texture won't smash you skin.

As the Rock Rings are suspended, they move and rotate as you perform pull-ups creating a more natural movement in your shoulders and elbows and reducing the strain and chances of injury. Rock Rings can be suspended from any solid anchor point, a pull-up bar, tree limb, eye-hooks in an exposed beam or framing member, etc. giving you the opportunity to set up a pair at your home when putting up a fingerboard might not be an option.

The Holds:

  • large jug on top
  • deep in-cut 4-finger pocket
  • 4-finger flat edge
  • 3-finger pocket
  • 2-finger pocket


  • Size: 19cm x 15cm x 6cm
  • Manufacturer: Metolius
  • Material: Resin

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