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Kids Climbing Shoes

Kid's climbing shoes are simply rock climbing shoes that have been specifically designed for kids. They help your little ones stand on smaller holds, and give them increased grip on the rock or holds that they are climbing on. This in turn gives them more confidence, helping them to stay on the wall and most importantly, to have heaps of fun!

Shop for kid's climbing shoes from leading brands including Boreal and Scarpa from our collection below...

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Boreal Ninja Junior £35.95 £45.00

Scarpa Piki Kids £35.95 £40.00

Boreal Ninja Junior Vent £35.95 £45.00

Scarpa Reflex V Kid £53.95 £60.00

EB Neo Kids £35.95 £40.00
Red Chili Puzzle Kids from £59.95 £80.00

La Sportiva Tarantula JR £58.50 £65.00

Scarpa Drago Kids £67.50 £75.00

Red Chili Pulpo Kids £51.95 £65.00