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Single Ropes

Single ropes are used on their own, most commonly used for indoor climbing, sport climbing and shorter trad climbs.

We have single ropes for all styles of climbing, from durable do everything ropes to specialist lightweight ropes for those pushing the limits.

Shop for single ropes from leading brands including Beal, Edelrid and Mammut from our collection below...

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Fixe Siurana 9.6mm 30m £34.95 £79.95
Fixe Siurana 9.6mm 60m £69.95 £119.95
1 review
Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm x 60m £101.95 £120.00
1 review
Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm x 70m £118.95 £140.00
2 reviews
Fixe Siurana 9.6mm 40m £44.95 £89.95
1 review
Fixe Sport 9.9mm 40m £46.95 £74.95
Fixe Siurana 9.6mm 50m £54.95 £105.95
1 review
Fixe IO 9.4mm 60m £69.95 £110.95
Fixe IO 9.4mm 50m £79.95 £99.95
Petzl Arial DRY 9.5mm 60m £144.00 £180.00