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Moon Phat Boy Fingerboard

Colour: Black

The Moon Phat Boy Fingerboard is a mid-sized, resin climbing training board, designed for beginner to intermediate finger training. 

More user friendly than the original Moon hangboard, the Moon Phat Boy Fingerboard provides the same great board but with much bigger holds that are better suited to entry to mid-levelfingerboard users. Using all of the same hold styles as the original, just offering them considerably larger, this board is a great stepping stone on your way to progressing through the grades. Featuring an extra 2-finger pocket, all the holds are at least a finger pad deep making it a great choice for super long training sessions and first time fingerboard users.The texture is about average for a resin board, not so rough that your skin will become sore, yet offering plenty of grip. The board itself is compact and takes up little space. 


  • 2 in-cut jugs
  • 2 in-cut pockets
  • 2 slightly sloped pockets
  • 2 deep 2-finger pockets
  • 2 in-cut crimps
  • 2 flat crimps
  • 1 large central sloper


  • Size: 68cm x 15cm
  • Manufacturer: Moon
  • Material: Resin

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Customer Reviews

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Susan H.
Great product

The fingerboard is great. It has a good range of holds and looks great on the wall. I used longer screws to fit it for extra strength but those supplied would have been adequate. I like that it is cream so it merges into the background of the space when it’s out of use.