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Moon Phat Boy Fingerboard


The Moon Phat Boy Fingerboard is a mid-sized climbing training board designed for beginner to intermediate finger training. 

This board is a much more user friendly version of the original Moon Fingerboard. The original has proved to be very popular, and is a great advanced fingerboard that requires quite a high base level due to the small nature of the holds. The  Moon Phat Boy addresses this and provides the same great board, but with bigger holds that are much better suited to entry to mid-Levelfingerboard users.

All of the climbing hold styles are the same as the original, but are considerably larger and you get an extra 2-finger pocket on the Phat Boy. All these holds are at least a finger pad deep, so the Phat Boy is a great choice for super long training sessions and first time fingerboard users. It makes a great stepping stone on your way to becoming a training master. The texture is about average for a resin board, not so rough that your skin will become sore, yet providing plenty of grip. The board itself is compact and takes up little space. 

Colour may vary. Please contact us to see what colours are available.


  • 2 in-cut jugs
  • 2 in-cut pockets
  • 2 slightly sloped pockets
  • 2 deep 2-finger pockets
  • 2 in-cut crimps
  • 2 flat crimps
  • 1 large central sloper


  • Size: 68cm x 15cm
  • Manufacturer: Moon
  • Material: Resin


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