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Wild Country Ropeman 4

Colour: Black

The Ropeman 4 is the ultimate upgrade to the original Wild Country ascender, showcasing innovative and versatile features for a wide range of technical tasks. From rescue missions to self-belay and lanyard adjustment, this compact rope clamp has got you covered. Its improved side plate grooved closure mechanism prevents the rope from getting stuck and ensures a secure ascent, making it more efficient and reliable than other devices. Constructed with lightweight, strong aluminium alloy and compatible with various rope diameters, flat and tubular slings, as well as HMS and oval carabiners, the Ropeman 4 is a must-have for all vertical expeditions. Its ample cylinder hole design allows for full rotation around the carabiner, while the stainless steel wire, covered with a durable plastic sheath, provides safe and easy handling. With its small and lightweight design, it's a no-brainer to carry one on your harness at all times. Make the Ropeman 4 an essential part of your gear.

Ascending a Rope with a Ropeman

Ascending a Rope from Free Hanging


  • Hot forged side plates
  • Alloy cam
  • High strength stainless steal axel
  • Stainless steal cable leash


  • Handled: No
  • Manufacturer: Wild Country
  • Handles Ropes from 8 to 13mm
  • Weight: 92g

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