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YY Twin Cylinder

Size: 33mm

The YY Twin Cylinders are a portable pair of rings for climbers that can be used for warming up at the crag or wall, or they can be integrated into a more intensive training programme to improve overall strength and performance.

Liken to something you would find on Ninja Warrior, these numb-chuck style rings can be used in two different ways, vertically offers a more challenging style of pull-up that focuses more on your grip strength as well as your upper body strength. You can also turn the cylinders horizontally for a classic hold for traditional pull-up exercises, leg raises etc.

Made from recycled rubberwood, soft to the touch and kind to your skin, they come in two sizes, 33mm and 55mm and are sold in pairs and include the adjustable accessory cord.

These Twin Cylinders will undoubtedly bring something new to your training and help to strengthen your grip and arms as well as your upper body.


  • Dimensions(33mm): (h)19.5 x (d)3.3cm
  • Dimensions(55mm): (h)19.5 x (d)5.5cm
  • Weight (33mm): 100g (per unit)
  • Weight (55mm): 290g (per unit) 
  • Sold as a pair

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