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8a Without Training? | Weekly Video

Ever wondered what it takes to climb a grade that might be out of your physical reach? Well Ben from the Hard Is Easy YouTube channel makes another appearance on our weekly video feature as he looks to find the answer. In typical Hard Is Easy style, this answer had to come in the form of scientifically tangible results and that meant getting the best number crunchers in the business on board – Lattice.

Having already achieved 7c on climbing alone, it might not sound like Ben is too far away from his goal of 8a but the results of his Lattice assessment are pretty remarkable. In one case it’s shown that Ben has 109% body weight finger strength when a typical score for a 7c climber is around the 150% mark – it just goes to show what experience on real rock can do for your climbing grade. An insightful watch, particularly for those of us with big project grades in mind, enjoy!

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