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First Ascent of Es Pontás | Weekly Video

This week’s video takes us back to September 2006 when a primed Chris Sharma made the first ascent of Es Pontás (9a+), an incredible line through the middle of a beautiful, free-standing limestone arch off the coast of Mallorca. The climb is defined by its huge, seven-foot dyno in the middle of the route; Chris fell over 50 times attempting the jump before finally sticking it. The line remained unrepeated for 10 years before Jernej Kruder finally made the second ascent in 2016 with Jan Hojer snatching the third two years later. 15 years after the first ascent and it’s clear how much of a visionary Sharma was with the futuristic route more akin to an indoor competition climb than anything sculpted out of real rock.

Yesterday (21/10/2021), Es Pontás received its fourth ascent at the hands and feet of Jakob Schubert. This is after Schubert made the second ascent of another Sharma DWS masterpiece, Alasha, a few days earlier, suggesting a grade of 9a. Climbing Alasha on just his fourth attempt, Es Pontás proved more of a challenge for Schubert with him having to check out and rehearse the moves on top rope beforehand. But, until we get that footage, sit back and enjoy the fantastic original.