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Metolius Campus Blocks

Size: Small

The Metoilus Campus Blocks are shorter, block-sized chunks of the standard rungs - perfect for those with less space or who want to personalise their training apparatus. The also make good wooden holds for home training boards/walls.

Made from wood and individually hand sanded for a perfect texture. There's an incut side or a flat side (which will feel slopey and desperate on your overhanging board). Includes a detailed guide for construction and training, and mounting hardware.

Sizing (Length x Depth)

  • 30mm x 19mm
  • 30mm x 25mm
  • 30mm x 32mm
  • 30mm x 35mm
  • 30mm x 44.4mm
  • 30mm x 47.6mm


  • Each block has a flat and an in-cut side 
  • Precision milled with our own custom tooling - won't warp like cheap plastic versions
  • Pre-drilled includes mounting hardware
  • Smooth radii carefully tailored to each rung size
  • Spruce wood yields the optimal training texture
  • Includes comprehensive guide to construction and training

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