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La Sportiva TX2 EVO | Approach Shoe Review

First Impressions

For me, an approach shoe is not just about approaching the crag, it’s a shoe which I can depend on for long days of walking and scrambling, with the confidence to tackle technical sections and periods of climbing. The TX2 EVO seemed up to the job straight out of the box, and so it was, with no breaking in, they were tested on a classic Lake District scramble of Sharp Edge and Halls Fell ridge.


Straight out of the box the TX2 EVO felt comfortable and needed no breaking in. I wore my usual size (EU42) which felt snug enough for a comfortable fit and confidence on technical sections, but with enough room that my toes were not hitting the front of the shoe on steep descents.

The lacing system allows you to adjust the tightness all the way from your toes to your ankle, while the knitted upper envelopes your foot comfortably and securely. The knit removed the need for a tongue, meaning the shoe fits closely to your foot and feels like an extension of your foot rather than a clunky shoe. An added benefit of the knitted upper is that it sits close to your ankle, meaning there is little room for stones to enter, especially handy when tackling scree and bog. 


The La Sportiva TX2 EVO is one of the lightest approach shoe models available which meant I hardly noticed the fact that I was wearing an approach shoe. The shoes can easily be clipped to your harness when climbing via the cord at the heel, and are almost unnoticeable due to their minimal weight. 

The knit upper creates breathability which keeps your feet cool on hot days, and allows the shoes to dry out quickly if they do get wet. The material seems resistant to wear and so should last well against tough rock. The padding at the heel creates a secure fit around the heel, meaning there was no movement or rubbing, and the shoes feel extremely comfortable on both flat and steep terrain. 

The Vibram® IdroGrip sole feels secure on polished rock, grass and scree, while the climbing edge gives security on the smaller footholds. It should be noted that the sole is designed to be resoleable, and uses recycled materials to lower the environmental impact of the shoes. 


The TX2 Evo has evolved from the much loved and popular TX2 approach shoe both in terms of its design and environmental impact. There are two options to choose from, the knit upper or suede leather upper. The leather upper may be more durable in the long run when used on sharp and abrasive rocks, while the knitted upper is more breathable and faster drying for hot summer days.

The main differences between the old TX2 and new TX2 Evo models are the following upgrades: 

● The upper material, now made from recycled yarn with an integrated tongue meaning a snug comfortable fit to the shoe and less environmental impact.

● The midsole is now made from recycled compression Eva and includes a Resole Platform insert for ease of resoling which will prolong the life of the shoe.

● Both the TX2 Evo and TX2 Evo Leather variants use sustainable, recycled materials to reduce their impact on the environment. But, the knit version of the shoe is the most sustainable choice, containing no animal products.


A lightweight approach shoe which excels at comfort and versatility. The TX2 EVO can be trusted for longer walks, scrambles and approaches to climbing. Its minimalist design makes it a great shoe to be used for fast and light excursions or to be carried on your harness.

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