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No Bake Protein Balls | Recipe

By Anna Woodall

Now everyone has a bit of extra time on their hands, why not start making your own protein balls? You’ll be able to create your own flavours, and save money as these are far cheaper than buying expensive alternatives. The only question is, can you stop yourself from eating them all at once?!

Protein balls are a great on the go or post workout snack - all natural ingredients, no refined sugar (if you pick dark chocolate to cover them) and they are high in protein, healthy fats and fibre. This is a really versatile recipe - you can mix and match with different flavours. My favourite is ginger almond butter and chocolate protein powder, coated in dark chocolate.

(GF, DF, VE, VG)

Ingredients (makes 10)

  • 35g nut butter of choice
  • 35g honey (or apple sauce if vegan)
  • 35g protein powder of choice
  • 35g porridge oats
  • 35g ground nuts of choice
  • 40ml milk (plant based if dairy free/vegan)
  • 100g chocolate of choice (plant based if dairy free/vegan)

No Bake Protein Balls Recipe (makes 10)


Beat together the nut butter and honey (or apple sauce) with a fork, then gradually add in protein powder, oats and ground nuts. Then add the milk, stirring until the mixture combines. It should be tough to mix but not too dry.

Roll teaspoon sized balls gently between your palms - and place on a plate in the fridge to chill for at least an hour.

Once chilled, melt your chocolate (either in a microwave, or over a bain marie) and use a couple of spoons to dip the balls in and cover with chocolate.

Place back on the plate, and back in the fridge for 10 minutes until the chocolate is set.

These will keep in the fridge for about a week - or before you coat them in chocolate you can also freeze them! To defrost, leave in the fridge overnight before chocolate coating them.