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Runner Vs BASE Jumper | Video

Tom Erik Heimen (44) is one of the worlds most experienced base jumpers. Currently 2147 jumps. World record holder in vertical meters flown in 24 hours; 66,000 meters, in Loen, Norway, 2019. He is also a very experienced mountaineer. Most of the time, he will hike to his exit points in the nearby mountains, starting from his front door. In 2019 his Suunto 9 logged an impressive 200.000 meters vertical.

Kilian Jornet Brugada (32) is a six-time champion of the long-distance running Skyrunner World Series, and has won some of the most prestigious ultramarathons. Jornet holds the fastest known time for the ascent and descent of summits like Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and Mt Everest.

Kilian and Tom Erik live in the same area on the west coast of Norway. Amongst the fjords they share a common passion for the mountains, and they are often skiing colouirs together. Mostly in bad weather, as they are occupied with training and flying when the sun is shining. During summerKilian is busy racing around the world and running in his home mountains in Maandalen, and Tom Erik is busy flying off cliffs all over the world, meaning they are usually not doing projects together in the summertime. Until they came up with this spectacular challenge they simply could not resist...