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Staying Consistent with Dave MacLeod | Training and Skills

Dave MacLeod talks below about how to stay consistent with training and how to make sure you keep turning up and getting stronger.

He talks about coming back from an injury, building a foundation of physical capability as well as a foundation of sleep, gradually increasing load and consistency.

Dave has arguably one of the most diverse and impressive log books going. In his 25 years of climbing he's climbed 8C boulders, 9a sport climbs, E11 trad, XII,12 mixed and 8b+ free solo.

Mark Manson once quoted in one of his books "If you lack the motivation to make change in your life, do something, anything, and then harness the reaction to that action as a way to begin motivating yourself. 

Action -> Inspiration -> Motivation = Consistency.


  • You can only build on the base you've already got
  • Concentrate on the basics first
  • It takes time so be patient
  • Progress slowly

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