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Grivel Single Spring Evo Leash (PJSSPRINGE)

The Grivel Single Spring Evo Leash keeps your axes attached whilst climbing, taking away the worry of dropping your prized ice axes.

The Single Spring Light has been reinvented - the insertion into the axe is via a simple toggle (no carabiner), while it attaches to your harness with a cow hitch knot. A swivel on the harness end avoids twisting whilst in use.


  • Makes it (nearly) impossible to lose your ice axes
  • Leaves hands free
  • Long when required
  • Compact when required
  • Permits easy changeovers of hands and tools.
  • Elastic that they don’t impede any movement and allow maximum arm extension when required.


  • Use: Technical mountaineering, glacier walking, classical mountaineering
  • Materials: Polyester, Rubber, Aluminium
  • Weight: 39g