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Belay Devices

Belay devices are pieces of rock climbing equipment through which the rope is passed. The friction created by the device helps the belayer to control the rope when belaying the climber. They also help an abseiler to control a descent. It's a vital piece of safety gear and all belay devices must be used correctly, whether you are climbing indoors or outdoors and when abseiling.

Belay devices can be categorised into manual or assisted devices. Manual devices have no moving parts and are generally much cheaper, lighter and simpler to use, whilst assisted devices use a mechanism to bite the rope when it's weighted. They are more expensive but a great investment for sport climbing and indoor use where falls might happen more frequently and the rope might be weighted for longer periods of time.

If you need any help in choosing the right device for your climbing and safety, please give us a call and we'd be happy to help.

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DMM Pivot £25.95 £30.00
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Petzl Reverso £23.95 £29.00