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Campus Rungs

For those climbers who have already gained a solid foundation of strength through bouldering, the next step (if you're keen to crank your power training up another gear) could be to experiment with Campus Rungs on a campus board. This involves climbing the rungs without using your feet, and it is a highly effective training method for improving your contact finger strength, amongst other benefits which we explain in further detail in our training article (link below).

We stock a wide range of campus rungs from leading brands such as Metolius and Snap, that can be used for your climbing training. If you need any help choosing the right training gear for you, please call our team.

Have a look at our collection below and read the Rock + Run training article 'Campus Board Training' for more info on how to train safely and effectively. Don't forget to check out our latest deals also, we have some great discounts on campus rung sets and some really good individual sale prices too...

Metolius Prime Rib £47.50 £55.00