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Edelrid ClimbGreen Collection ūüĆŅ

The ClimbGreen collection from Edelrid proves that sustainability doesn't have to compromise safety. All products in the #ClimbGreen collection are made from sustainable materials or stand out due to their particularly long service life. They're produced in a resource-friendly way and under fair working conditions. Each product is unique in its own way and together they form the core of the Edelrid ClimbGreen collection.

Edelrid Tommy Caldwell Eco Dry DT 9.6mm from £200.00 £235.00
Edelrid Sendero Harness £67.95 £80.00
Edelrid Zodiac 3R £58.50 £65.00
Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm x 60m £144.50 £170.00
1 review
Edelrid Fraggle Kids Harness £53.95 £60.00
1 review
Edelrid Autana Harness £67.95 £80.00
Edelrid Moe Harness £49.50 £55.00
1 review
Edelrid Swift Eco Dry 8.9mm x 70m £182.00 £215.00
Edelrid Eagle Lite Eco Dry 9.5mm from £174.00 £225.00
Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm x 70m £161.50 £190.00
3 reviews
Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm x 80m £178.50 £210.00
Edelrid Sirana Harness £59.50 £70.00
1 review
Edelrid Heron Eco Dry 9.8mm from £165.00 £195.00
Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm x 50m £127.50 £150.00
Edelrid Swift Eco Dry 8.9mm x 60m £170.00 £200.00