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Guide Mode Belay Devices

Guide Mode Belay Devices are ATC-style belay plates that have a 'guide mode' function, allowing them to be used with an auto-locking belay technique.

Used as normal devices when belaying a leader, Guide Mode Belay Devices are equipped with an additional metal loop to allow direct attachment to the anchor and to facilitate assisted-locking capabilities. This function can be used when bringing up a second with either one rope or two, so it is set up in a way which locks automatically if a climber falls.

Shop for guide mode belay devices from leading brands including Black Diamond and Edelrid from our collection below...

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DMM Pivot £25.95 £30.00
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Petzl Reverso Sold Out
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Edelrid Mega Jul £31.50 £35.00
7 reviews
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1 review
Edelrid Micro Jul £24.50 £35.00
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