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Black Diamond

Black Diamond Slinger Leash


The Black Diamond Slinger Leash is a single, lightweight piolet-specific leash to keep your piolet ice axe attached without the need for a wrist leash. 

A stretchy tethering system for keeping your piolet attached without a wrist leash, the Black Diamond Slinger Leash now comes with a locking carabiner for added security. When clipped to your axe's head or spike, this also adds extension to the elastic webbing. The webbing is now made of polyester which absorbs less water than standard nylon, keeping the weight down and reduces the chance of freezing up.


  • Locking carabiner (non-weight bearing) attaches to spike or head
  • Single, lightweight piolet-specific design
  • Rated to 2 kN 

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