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Climb! A Guide to High Adventure

Climb! A Guide to High Adventure is an instructional guide for complete novices, as well as those who have already started climbing and are seeking improvement in their technique and general know how. It focuses on indoor bouldering because this is the easiest and most accessible route into climbing: you don't need any technical equipment beyond climbing shoes and can pretty much get started with minimal instruction.

It includes an introduction to basic rope climbing ('top rope'), venturing outdoors - including climbing above deep water (psicobloc) on 'real rock' - as well as making the first steps into the competition arena. Crucially, it provides insight and genuine practical guidance using simple everyday analogies and humour.

Topics covered:

  • Getting started
  • Different types of climbing available
  • Climbing in an indoor centre / 'rock gym'
  • Choosing the best climbing equipment (includes guidance on shoes, chalk,helmets, harnesses, and rope)
  • Basic warm-ups
  • Fundamental climbing techniques
  • Managing the fear of falling
  • Understanding climbing grade systems
  • An introduction to top rope climbing indoors
  • What to pack and prepare for the challenges of climbing outdoors
  • An introduction to Deep Water Soloing / Psicobloc
  • Training for climbing including technique, strength, and flexibility exercises
  • Achieving the right mindset
  • What to expect and how to prepare for competition climbing

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