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Crimp Oil 30ml

Crimp Oil is a 100% naturally blended soft tissue massage rub, specially developed for rock climbers recovering from, or keen to prevent, finger injuries.

Crimp Oil is composed of 6 essential oils and 1 plant extract for the well-being of your fingers and it quickly kills pain in tendons, joints, and muscles. 

For injuries: apply 3 to 4 times a day. Massage it in to the injured area to allow the active ingredients of Crimp Oil penetrate the skin and soft tissues. Apply 5/6 drops per finger. Also make sure you rest the finger well. Shake well before use.

To maintain healthy fingers: apply 1 to 2 times a day, adding 3 drops to each finger and ensure the oil is massaged well into each digit, allowing the active ingredients of Crimp Oil penetrate the skin and soft tissues.

Key Ingredients

Helichrysum Italicum EO - anti-inflammatory, anti-bruising and skin renewal
Geranium EO - anti-inflammatory, analgesic and skin renewal
Wintergreen EO - strong pain-killer, ease cramps and muscle spasms
Lavandin Super EO - for relaxing muscles, soothing and calming
Lemon Eucalyptus EO - anti-inflammatory, anti-tendonitis and anti-rheumatism
Peppermint EO - for shock, trauma, pain-killer
Equisetum Arvense extract - its silicon compound promotes tissues and cartilage renewal
Healing Properties:


Pain relief
Anti-rheumatic pain
Increases healing

Other uses

Crimp Oil will work its magic against pain and trauma in all soft tissue injuries, although the deeper the problem the less effective it will be.

Crimp Oil is also said to be effective in cases of migraine: rub your temples and forehead with 2 to 3 drops of Crimp Oil (being careful not to touch your eyes) for providing a powerful calming effect.

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