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DMM Tomcat Kids Harness

The DMM Tomcat Kids Harness is a fully adjustable, all-round climbing harness made to fit young or small climbers. 

Featuring a mesh fabric for breathability and generous amounts of supportive padding, the DMM Tomcat Kids Harness is perfect for children that want a single harness for all styles of climbing. The fully adjustable waist and leg loops allow you to fit the Tomcat over light or layered clothing, making the harness suitable for year round use. There is also a floating waist-belt to keep the padding and the 2 gear loops centralised, giving further adjustability and keeping gear within easy reach.


  • Adjustable leg loops and a floating waist-belt mean that no matter how many layers you're wearing, you can find a comfortable fit. Appropriate for climbers who want a single harness for all styles of climbing.
  • A floating waist-belt allows you to slide padding along the waist webbing, allowing you to centralise the gear loops and padding on the harness. This keeps padding in an optimal position for comfort, and equipment within easy reach, no matter how many layers being worn.
  • Two gear loops give enough room for sport climbing quickdraws or a small trad rack, allowing adventurous young climbers to climb outdoors as well as inside.


  • Gender: Unisex
  • Adjustable Legs: Yes
  • Drop Seat: No
  • Gear Loops: Yes
  • Haul Loop: No
  • Ice Clipper: No
  • Quick Buckles: Yes
  • Weight: 385g


Waist Leg

50 - 75cm

20 - 30in

40 - 50cm

16 - 20in