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DMM Torque Nuts

Size: 1

The DMM Torque Nuts are a range of cunningly sized and shaped climbing nuts. 

Working well in standard placements but also with an efficient camming system, DMM Torque Nuts can be used as a wide wedge with a huge advantage of being immensely strong yet very light, with just four sizes covering a very large range. Skilful placement of Torque Nuts will allow them to work in some places where cams simply aren't as effective, especially in iced-up cracks. Torque Nuts come with a double Dyneema sling that allows you to easily minimise rope drag whilst reducing the need for extra quickdraws. 

Size 1 - 54g / 14kN / Green 
Size 2 - 70g 14Kn / Red 
Size 3 - 104g 14Kn / Gold 
Size 4 - 146g / 14Kn / Blue

  • Manufacturer: DMM
  • Mpn: A1741
  • Weight: 54g to 146g