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Evolv Phantom

Size: UK 6

Jam packed with every bit of tech Evolv could muster and designed in close collaboration between Evolv's R&D team and top athletes, such as Daniel Woods, the Evolv Phantom climbing shoe is the pinnacle of performance within the brand's range.

Whilst the Phantom incorporates a multitude of design technologies, perhaps the most interesting is that of the NEOFLEX knuckle box, which features a neoprene laminate; providing two-way stretch and in turn allowing the toe box to expand when flexed and engaged with the rock, then rapidly reshape when the pressure is realised. This means there is bags of power and foothold with a minimum of pressure on the toes, and this in spite of its radical down-turned last and a full-coverage of rubber on the toe box upper.

Using Evolv's TPS+ (Tension Power System Plus) technology, (similar to La Sportiva's P3 power Platform), the Phantom will maintain its shape and profile throughout its lifespan. The midsole also uses an AVT (Abridged Variable Thickness) to give you more toe sensitivity whilst not compromising on support. The 6 point, single pull, closure allows for quick and easy adjustment to fit with excellent security and the addition of D rings add to durability. Finally, the heel is  the most sensitive in the Evolv range, dubbed Dark Spine S, this is the combination of the Dark Spine midsole with a thinner 2mm heel outsole making it excellent for hard heel hooks and foot cams.


If you require some assistance with sizing this climbing shoe to your particular needs click here: Rock Climbing Shoe Sizing Guide

For a performance fit we recommend going for your street shoe size. For a slightly more comfy fit up-size 0.5 UK sizes. 


The video below shows the features and use of the Evolv Phanto are 



  • Super adjustable 6-point Velcro closure
  • NeoFlex Technology
  • Maximum Power and sensitivity
  • Downturned asymmetric profile
  • VTR rand (thicker front toe area)


  • Upper: Synthetic (Synthratex VX)
  • Midsole: Bridged Variable thickness midsole, TPS +
  • Outsole: 4.2mm TRAX SAS
  • Heel: Dark Spine S
  • Vegan friendly

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    simon j.
    Very Grippy - Interesting Feel

    So far, so painful. . as usual I’ve been wearing these around the house and watching tv and they’ve really taken some wearing in before I was ready to try them out properly. I’ve now been climbing in them twice and I can already tell they’ll be very good. Tonnes of grip, a very assured strapping system and they fit my foot shape well. . when the painful part has gone these could be amazing.

    Jos .

    The phantoms are a cracking pair of incredibly aggressive bouldering shoes, with pretty much every inch being solid rubber. Forget the rest of the reviews on here about sizing, I'm a UK 10 street and decided to go for this size as a first try, and I seriously couldn't fit into anything smaller. Very stiff so probably won't stretch much. If you're wanting something comfier go a half size above street, but then there's no point having such an aggressive shoe. The 6 point velcro system works brilliantly and keeps all parts of the shoe tight on the foot. No heel slippage at all for me.

    The only issue I have is the closure tab that you pull the shoe tight with (pictured). It seems very weakly attached to the white 'cord' via some stitching, so I can see the tab breaking off as a potential weak point. Just make sure to tighten by pulling the white cord, not the tab, then velcro the tab down.

    Other than that their an awesome shoe (chose these over the booster, glad I did), and I'd recommend.