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Eden Valley and South Lakes Limestone (FRCC)

The Eden Valley and South Lakes Limestone guidebook is a climbing guide to all the limestone and sandstone crags and quarries in the area.

Scattered over a large area of North, East and South Cumbria, the Eden Valley and South Lakes Limestone guide details routes that may often remain dry when those in the National Park are not. Important crags described in the Eden Valley and South Lakes Limestone guidebook include Chapel Head Scar and Armathwaite, but numerous lesser known crags also give plenty of scope within easy reach of the Lakes, ideal venues to save a wet day or as evening crags for locals. The most notable of these are: Head End Quarry, Spadeadam Crag, Cumrew Crag, Scratchmere Scar, Cowraik Quarry, King’s Meaburn, Coudy Rocks, Murton Scar, Windmore End, Hebblethwaite Hall Gill, Scout Scar, Slape Scar, Mill Side Scar, Humphrey Head, White Stone, Hoad Slabs, Birkrigg Quarry and Dunnerholme. A number of crags to which access is not currently permitted are also described in order to collate and preserve the historical record in case climbing is allowed in the future - these include Lazonby, The Hoff, White Scar and Goldmire Quarry. 

Excellent colour photo-diagrams of virtually every crag will not only help in locating the climbs but are also a great source of inspiration. In addition there are sections on just about everything a climber might find useful in a guidebook, from a list of Climbing Walls for days when even these crags are dripping, to a comprehensive History and First Ascents List to read in the cafe. Interspersed throughout is a superb collection of action photographs.


  • Country: England
  • ISBN13: 9780850280524
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 446
  • Page Size: 100mm x 160mm
  • Published Date: 2012
  • Publisher: FRCC
  • Region: England - Lake District,England - North West England
  • Manufacturer: FRCC


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