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Scafell and Wasdale (FRCC)


The Scafell and Wasdale guidebook was released in April 2014, 100 years after the first ascent of Central Buttress on Scafell Crag. The Centenary Edition guide is full of inspirational climbs often with great history.

It is a definitive guide, so all areas on Scafell are covered, Scafell Crag, the Shamrock, East Buttress, Scafell Pike, Round How, Broad Crag and Great End. The other Wasdale areas include Mosedale, Overbeck, Buckbarrow and the Screes.

This edition of the guide includes plenty of impressive action shots and some really good and useful crag photos with overhead maps, to help you understand this sometimes quite complex area. The routes are well described as you will have expected from the FRCC.

It is a fantastic guide and a great edition to the current FRCC range.

For those wondering where Eskdale went from the previous edition. This will follow in another FRCC guide.


  • Author: Al Phizacklea, Ron Kenyon
  • Country: England
  • ISBN10: 0850280559
  • ISBN13: 9780850280555
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 340
  • Page Size: 120 x 182 mm
  • Published Date: April 2014
  • Publisher: FRCC
  • Region: England - Lake District
  • Manufacturer: FRCC
  • Weight: 416g


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