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FrictionLabs Magic Chalk Ball

The FrictionLabs Magic Chalk Ball is a high performance, reusable climbing chalk ball, ideal for keeping in your chalk bag with loose chalk or on its own.

With a permeable cotton fabric that holds and dispenses the highest purity Magnesium Carbonate on the market, the FrictionLabs Magic Chalk Ball has been designed to be more durable than the standard chalk balls and to create as little mess as possible.

Friction Labs are all about establishing the new standard in chalk, and Magic lives up to that expectation. Like all of their chalk products, you can trust that inside this ball is the best performing, safest, and healthiest chalk anywhere.

Why use a chalk sphere instead of your traditional loose chalk?

This comes down to your personal preference. Some people prefer the feeling of chalk spheres to loose chalk. Some people like to mix the two. Some gyms require chalk balls to prevent spills and dust. Chemically, it doesn't matter - whichever one is right for you, you can be sure you're getting the highest quality, cleanest chalk anywhere.

Does Magic come in different blends/types/flavours/animals?

Not this time - because of the fabric, FL use an extremely fine Magnesium Carbonate designed to get out of the fabric and onto your hands as easily as possible.

Since it's reusable, do you sell refills?

Not yet, but FL are working on it. In the meantime, Unicorn Dust works great as a refill since it's already so fine in texture.


  • Drying Agent: No
  • Colour: White
  • Manufacturer: FrictionLabs
  • Weight: 62g

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