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Grivel North Machine Carbon


The Grivel North Machine Carbon is an award winning, technical ice axe specially designed for alpinism and pure ice.

Equally as suited to Scottish winter conditions, the Grivel North Machine Carbon features an interchangeable head and a carbon composite G-bone shaft - making it light and tough. With geometry borne from the Takoon, Matrix, and Quantum series of ice axes the Grivel North Machine has been designed to chomp up frozen & technical, north face alpine routes and cascades with ease. 

The shaft is “T” rated and is constructed from G Bone shape aluminium and boasts the Grivel Vario Blade System making these axes tools excellent for high grade mountaineering, alpinism and Scottish gullies and ice.


  • Weight: 495 g
  • Length: 47 cm
  • Head features: 2 Screw adjustments
  • Pick style/rating: Alpine Vario / T
  • Shaft rating: T / Type 2
  • Upper Pommel: None
  • Lower Pommel: Adjustable
  • Grip Size: 1 size fits all (not adjustable)
  • Pick: Chromoly Steel
  • Head: Chromoly Steel
  • Shaft: G-bone Carbon Composite 
  • Grip: Rubber