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Grivel Rambo 4 EVO Crampons

Option: Cramp-o-Matic

The Grivel Rambo 4 Evo are fully rigid technical ice climbing crampons.

These crampons are designed to be totally rigid to offer maximum support, penetration of ice and have as little rebound as possible when technical ice climbing. The point configuration has been designed to give as much support as possible, no matter what position you find your self in and across a wide range of ice qualities. The front points are adjustable to your preferred mono or dual point setup and can easily be replace when worn down.

The webbing and bindings on the Grivel Rambo 4 EVO have been improved over the previous generation now using 12mm webbing compared to 14mm. The buckle has been improved and is now easier to tighten and loosen, the extra webbing now fastens in towards the boot and wraps around the front of the ankle and can be tucked into the back. The step-in bindings have also been improved and simplified and is now lighter, stronger and easier to adjust.

If you are a Grivel crampon fan and are looking for a dedicated ice climbing crampon, then look no further as the Grivel Rambo 4 EVO is the one.

Binding Options


    • Full step-in bindings with front bail and heel lever-lock, for rigid boots with a heel notch. Suitable for B3 Boots.

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        • Tools Required:
        • Antiball Plates: Yes
        • Boot Size: 38-48
        • Number of Points: 13 or 14
        • Materials: Chromoly steel
        • Weight: g

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