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Lattice Lifting Pin

Designed for climbers by the worlds leading climbing & coaching company, the Lattice Lifting Pin allows you to stack weight plates easily and efficiently when you wish to increase the amount of weight you want to lift during your climbing training.

If you are looking to improve your pull-up strength, or you find that your fingerboard training is becoming a little less challenging then the Lattice Lifting Pin can help you out. You can stack your weight plates neatly and attach them to your climbing harness via the belay loop using a single carabiner, this will increase the amount of weight you lift during your training and with time, improve your overall strength and performance so you can reach your climbing goals. 

Pair the Lattice Lifting Pin with Lattice Quad Block or with any other grip strength lifting device you may have at home to broaden your training programme and become a more accomplished climber.

The pin replaces that annoying sling & weights set up many of us have struggled with in the past! Less hassle means you can put more of your precious time into your training gains. The pin also acts as a convenient weight rack, so when you are done training you can store your weights safely and neatly out of the way, ready to go again.

In summary, this is the go-to tool for any climber(or gym-goer) looking to improve their overall grip strength and power by adding weights to their training, efficiently as possible.

NB: Weights and training aids not included. Pin only.


  • Size: 10x10x28cm
  • Barbell Diameter: 2.54cm /1 inch 
  • Weight: 500g
  • Capacity: 175kg
  • Made and assembled in the UK.
  • Colour: Black

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