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Lattice Quad Block

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The Lattice Quad Block is a portable pinch block for training and warming-up, designed for use at the gym, at home or on the go. It features 5 grip positions that have been designed and developed with industry leading coaches, physiotherapists, grip strength athletes and sports scientists.

Featuring 4 comfortable pinch sizes that have been specifically designed for reliable testing and training, the design engages the key forearm and hand flexor muscles used when climbing. This in turn allows development of a comprehensive and balanced grip system for improved performance on all holds.

The Quad Block also features a 30mm pick up edge, which is great for first time strength training or for rehab, whilst experienced climbers can use it as part of an effective no-hang finger flexor training set-up. The anodised aluminium finish provides consistent surface friction for accurate training and strength measurement. This isn't to mention how good it feels in the hand and on the skin. 

Combine the Lattice Quad Block with its perfect training companion, the Lattice Lifting Pin. The lifting pin allows you to add or remove weight to the Quad Block with ease, allowing you to focus on improving your strength and performance.

Made and assembled in the UK. Comes complete with attachment cord.


The video below is a great resource for the many ways of using your Quad block 


  • Anodised aluminium finish.
  • Mechanical depth stops make it intuitive to consistently test and train.
  • Large radius edge is ergonomic and kind to the skin.
  • Positive grips have been used to reduce reliance on surface friction and standardise results.
  • Four key pinch grips for targeted training.


  • 13 x 12 x 11cm
  • 750g

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