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Lattice Mega Bar

Introducing the Mega Bar from Lattice - the lightweight, portable, two-handed version of the popular Mini Bar. Perfect for all your hangboard needs!

Created in the UK and assembled in Sheffield, UK, Lattice has taken the original design, crafted with the combined expertise of the Lattice Coaching Team, and turned up the intensity. Take control of the chill, dominate your send, and steer clear of the dreaded 'flash pump' with our new portable hangboard. Quickly engage your fingers and effortlessly conquer those stubborn shoulders. Start with pull-ups on the mega-comfy jug from a fixed point, or loop it around your feet and stretch out your lower body.

Flip your Mega Bar over and you’ll find our signature 20mm edge. Beloved by the climbing community for its skin-saving magic and comfy feel, progressively load your way to fully recruited fingers and waste nothing in your preparations.

Pulling on your project is daunting even for the strongest of climbers. Get psyched to send with the Mega Bar in hand and feel confident in your micro crimping readiness having fully recruited on the 10mm edge.

Made in the UK.


  • The Lattice 20mm edge with it’s signature radius for comfort and reliability.
  • 10mm micro edge to get those fingers recruited and warm for the smallest of crimps.
  • Super comfy jug for gentle warmups and endless pull ups.
  • Fine adjustment system so you can dial in the right angle no matter where you hang.
  • Super lightweight portable hangboard, two and one handed hangs on all edge sizes.
  • Skin-friendly – We use our industry-standard tulipwood for its straight grain, fine texture and soft feel so you can save it all for the rock.
  • Pre-tied attachment cord – ready to train out the box.
  • Handmade in the UK to ensure quality & reduce emissions.Specification
  • Weight 450g
  • Dimensions: 40x6x6cm

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