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Metolius Super Chalk 15oz (425g)

Metolius Super Chalk 15oz is the best climbing chalk available for maximum sweat absorption and friction.

America's number one selling brand of climbing chalk has a specialised formula with an added drying agent that absorbs up to 15% more moisture than regular gym chalk. Ideal for those climbers who train hard and climb in the upper echelons of the grades... or those who just sweat profusely!

NB: Due to the drying agent this chalk can dry skin out far more than standard chalk so be sure to regularly use a climbing hand balm between sessions.


  • Drying Agent: Yes
  • Manufacturer: Metolius
  • Weight: 425g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great for sweaty hands

I truly have the sweatiest hands known to man. Other chalk washes away from my hands before i even touch holds.

Super chalk however managed to keep my hands almost fully dry which significantly improved my bouldering experience. So for anyone with ungodly levels of hand sweat like me this is perfect.

It is actually very very drying however so I recommend moisturising your hands after to keep them from turning into an exfoliating glove instantly.

Jake B.
Pretty good chalk

I get really really sweaty hands, like even liquid chalk starts to wash off. This stuff holds on to my flippers really well and don't cake up.

Maximilian B.
Too much of the chalk is rock solid

Ok, but most of it is rock solid and so can’t be used.

Jedrzej P.
Best for price

All chalk is not created even. Despite being very chunky, and me having to crush it when I got it, it works. Works well. Die to the added drier it leaves your hands very DRY afterwards, but I mean it serves its purpose. Would recommend this 500g bag costs less than a 145g bag of the premium powder😉

Elizabeth W.
Great Chalk

Really good quality chalk. Easy to decant in to chalk bag. Very handy, little mess.