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MSR Quick 2 Cook Set

The MSR Quick 2 System cook set is a fully complete two person cook and eat set, perfect for remote camping and backcountry cooking.

Perfect for a pair of trekkers that are looking to cover all bases, the MSR Quick 2 System contains a 2.5L hard-anodised pot, a 1.5L Hard-anodised nonstick pot, an Aluminium strainer lid, 2 DeepDish plates, a pot handle, and 2 Insulated Mugs. The insulated mugs and DeepDish plates combine with both nonstick and uncoated hard-anodised Aluminium to be lightweight, and the 2.5L hard anodised pot makes for the 'system' container and is both lightweight and extremely functional with plenty of capacity for melting snow and boiling water fast. Inside MSR have maxed-out all available space, and alternatively, when traveling solo or fast&light, the 'system' can be trimmed down to make it even lighter. 

All in all, this is an incredibly compact yet inclusive cookware set and a must have for all wild campers who like to retain some level of comfort whilst on the hill.


  • Dual Cooking Surfaces: Ultralight hard-anodised aluminium; one nonstick and one uncoated for maximum versatility.
  • Compact: Efficient nesting design saves valuable pack room.
  • Comprehensive: Includes mugs and plates for two.


    • Dimensions: 19.7 x 12.7cm                                
    • Weight: 800g

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