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Petzl ANGE S Finesse 10cm Quickdraw

Size: 10cm

The Petzl ANGE S Finesse 10cm Quickdraw is an ultra-light, high strength to weight ratio climbing quickdraw ideal for shaving weight off your trad climbing rack. 

The ANGE S is very close to being the lightest quickdraw on the market. Despite not claiming that title, the unique selling point is that the Ange is a really small sized, clean nosed wiregate, and only normal sized, clean nosed wiregates such as the Wild Country Helium and DMM Shield are available as an alternative. In addition to it being Keylock, the nose itself is pretty narrow so it is great for clipping pegs. 

Overall we say that the MonoFil wire may look a bit odd, but there is no reason to treat it any different than any other quickdraw. The ANGE is going to be best off as a trad draw, as the unfortunate draw back to the design is that they are not Beta Clip Stick compatible, which is a pretty big consideration if you do a lot of sport climbing.


  • Petzl's MonoFil Keylock ensures smoother opening and closing of the carabiner and a much longer lifetime compared to traditional wire gate carabiners.
  • The wire gate is protected from lateral rubbing (against rock, etc).
  • The unique H-profile allows an optimal size and strength-to-weight ratio.
  • The indent on the bottom of the ANGE S carabiners helps keep the STRING in place so that the sling is properly positioned on the carabiner.
  • The surfaces that come in contact with the rope and with the anchor are wider, favouring passage of the rope and reducing carabiner wear.
  • The nose of the carabiner has a hole that allows ice, snow or dirt to be cleared out.
  • The deflector works with the shape of the carabiner to allow proper positioning of the carabiner on its major axis.
  • Now comes with a wide dog bone sling making it much better for grabbing.
  • Wide sling is more durable, meaning it will last longer.


  • BetastickEvo Compatible: No
  • Gate Clearance mm: 23
  • Gate Closed kN: 20
  • Gate Open kN: 9
  • Keylock: No
  • Krab Minor Axis kN: 7
  • Krab Length mm: 84
  • Krab Width mm: 53
  • Sling Strength kN: 22
  • Sling Length mm: 100
  • Sling Width mm: 25
  • Weight: 63g

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