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Petzl Scorpio Eashook

The Petzl Scorpio Eashook is a durable and retractable via ferrata kit that contains 2 Eashook carabiners and has an anti-twist system for comfort. 

Designed with two retractable arms that don't get in the way of movement, and a lanyard that can accommodate a wide range of weights, the Scorpio Eashook can be used by a wide range of people. The 2 wide opening Eashook carabiners can adapt to all hand sizes and the lanyard also has a third arm to facilitate traverses, or to allow attachment to a bar (in order to rest, for example). Strong and durable this kit will provide safety on plenty of via ferrata adventures.


  • Lanyard for users weighing 40 to 120 kg
    - Lanyard conforms to the EN 958 standard: 2017, for a wide range of weights of users
    -Two elasticised arms have long extension capacity to adapt to all shapes
  • Comfort:
    - Ultra-compact absorption-by-tearing system (Petzl patent)
    - Short connection of lanyard to the harness limits interference when walking
    - Two elasticised arms are mounted on a SWIVEL anti-twist system to facilitate manipulations
    - Short arm can be used for resting on a rung
    - EASHOOK captive carabiners with automatic locking system, adapt to all hand sizes
  • Durable design for intensive use:
    - Zippered protective storage case protects the energy absorber
    - Retractable HDPE (high-density polyethylene) arms and aluminium carabiners are very durable
    - Designed for greater comfort and intensive use (groups)


    • Length of lanyard (without carabiners): - Retracted: 84.5 cm - Extended: 115.5 cm - short arm: 36 cm
    • Materials: High-density Polyethylene, Polyester, Aluminium
    • Certification(s): CE EN 958
    • Meets new requirements (VG11 2013)
    • Individual Weight Range: 40kg-120kg

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