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Scarpa Drago

Size: EU 39

The Scarpa Drago is a sensitive, precise, and powerful performance climbing shoe, designed for technical projects that require creative footwork. 

Building on the success of the Furia, the Drago is another super sensitive specialist climbing shoe, but with a number of distinct variances over its sibling. Whereas the Furia was designed as a soft performance climbing shoe for most angles and terrains, the Drago has been designed principally with steep terrain in mind and targeted at high-end bouldering and sport climbing, where maximum control and sensitivity are required.

Specific variances over the Furia include an accentuation to the last's down-turned camber, a sturdier heel - based on that of the Instinct VS - and an overall lower volume fit. It also comes with a single Velcro strap, rather than the double strap used on the Furia.


The sizing and base fit mirrors that of other performance Scarpa rock shoes.

If you require some assistance with sizing this climbing shoe to your particular needs click here: Rock Climbing Shoe Sizing Guide


Check out the video below from Scarpa, detailing the features of the Drago model


  • Colour: Yellow
  • Lining: Unlined
  • Midsole: Fixan Insert
  • Outsole: 3.5mm Vibram XS Grip
  • Upper: Micro fibre / Leather
  • Last: Down-Turned Asymmetric
  • Closure: Strap
  • Weight: 400g 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Amazing shoes, comfy

    Fulop S.
    Great shoe

    Fits perfect, performs great, seems durable so far

    Calum M.
    Good quality performance shoe

    I really like the Dragos and this is the fifth pair I've bought now. The rubber is incredibly sticky and the shoe fits my feet perfectly. The heel is a bit sloppy for some precise moves but makes up for it on those awkward slopers. Thin rubber on the toes gives a really good sensitivity but does wear out fairly quickly. If you're still fairly new to climbing or have a habit of dragging your toes, expect holes fairly quickly.

    As with all shoes it's the fit that matters, but if these do fit your feet properly, you can't go wrong

    Stefano B.
    My favorite shoes

    Dragos are by far my favorite shoes. A little more supportive than the Furias but still very sensitive and precise. They excel on every terrain except perhaps for vertical walls with ultra small edges where stiffer shoes give more confidence.
    Good for heel-hooking and probably best shoe around for toe-hooking.

    Dale M.
    The nearly perfect shoe

    These shoes fit in the same size as my Chimeras and Vapour Vs, I know I also take the same size as the new Furia too. These were bought exclusively for outdoor bouldering, compared to the chimeras they're softer and more sensitive - exactly what I'm looking for. So far I have got some good heel and toe hooks in and they seem to edge surpringly well, more than likely because they're so new. In terms of comfort they took a maybe an hour in total to break in. The one downside I think I'll see is durability - they're crazy soft. So no wearing them indoors unless you're willing to buy new shoes often. I've only worn these a bit, but I saw a guy send a f7C the other day and they weren't holding him back.