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SOTO Pocket Torch

The SOTO Pocket Torch is a powerful, wind resistant burner that utilises disposable lighter fuel to produce a flame that reaches temperatures up to 1300℃.

Turn a disposable lighter into a wind-resistant burner with the SOTO Pocket Torch.  You can also increase the disposable lighter 's lifespan by 60% when used with SOTO’s Pocket Torch.


  • Size: 110 x 60 x 23 mm 
  • Weight: 50g - without disposable lighter
  • Burner Diameter: OD 14 mm (0.55 inch) ID 12 mm (0.47 inch)
  • Flame temperature: 1300°C (Approx. 2,300 °F)
  • Flame size: Diameter 3 x 12 mm (0.1 x 0.47 inch)
  • Flame shape: Superfine centralised flame
  • Burning time: Approx. 20 minutes (per disposable lighter)
  • Fuel cartridge: Disposable lighter

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